KBC Altcoin Purchase

Under 10 cents today...could be $5 within 6 months!


Why You Need to Own KBC TODAY!  Watch the Video From CEO, Harald Seiz.

(Harald Seiz is not fluent in English but his message is clear!)   

Watch Intro Video
Watch Intro Video

Don't Wait!

Take the confusion out.

In most cases it will cost you 5% or more and many often click the wrong buttons and take far longer to buy than necessary.  This Done 4U service is offered for only 5% and includes all Bitcoin purchase, exchange and transfer costs..

Buy 100 KBC today for current prices of below $10.  

1 gram of Cashgold today is valued at approximately $50.

As you can see, purchasing some KBC at current levels per coin could be one of the smartest decision you will ever make.  These are destined to produce a dramatic growth in value and become more and more popular as word gets out about this gold backed crypto currency and complete system coming this year.  At this time only the fortunate know what's coming and many simply cannot believe it to be true...so most will not decide to "jump in" until they see the price rise even more...and it will soon.  

Expect there to be volitilty in price as higher levels are reached and then some price retraction before even higher prices are reached, on the way to the Gold Independence Day, July 4th, 2019 and beyond.  

Buy today for a few cents a coin and realize a value IN GOLD of approximately 50 cents per coin beginning July 4th, 2019.

Step 1:  Contact thekaratgroup@gmail.com by email and include your phone#.  We will call you back ASAP.  You can also call Lloyd at +1(707) 702-2501.

We will confirm the best of the following Purchase Options for you to use when we speak:

  • Send via STRIPE using Credit/Debit Card (Funds take 7 days to land)
  • Interac e-transfer (Canada Only) Send to homefreed@gmail.com 
  • Wire transfer to SHAKEPAY Exchange (Convert USD into CAD)


  •  Pay With Bitcoin
Send Payment In Bitcoin to the Bitcoin Address to the Right:
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(If Using Stripe to Buy With Your Credit/Debit Card, Watch For An Email With Instructions Once Registered)

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