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KBC vs KCB...which is better to buy today? 

KCB certainly adds value to the product purchases that include KCB, however considering the Hardfork ratios of KBC/KCB into one coin in October, KBC will likely be the better bet profit wise.

Basically, the price of KBC at the time of the hardfork will be divided by .14 and the number of KCB you own will be reduced by dividing them by the result. Will the KBC trading price at the time of the hardfork be higher than .14, considering the gold exchange value of 100 KBC into 1 gram July 4th? I think so. KBC would need to trade at only .14 for your KCB to be exchanged into the new GSC coin 1:1. 


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Why You Need to Own KBC TODAY!

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Avoid all confusion. Get the best price.

Select your method of payment below then sit back and let us make your KBC purchase for you. You Pay Only Credit/Debit Card, Transfer & Exchange Fees. (approx. 5%)

Buy 100 KBC today for current prices below $10  

As you can see, purchasing some KBC at current levels could be one of the smartest decision you will ever make.  These are destined to produce a dramatic growth in value and become more and more popular as word gets out about this cryptocurrency exchangeable into Cashgold, along with the global payment system, coming this year.  

Expect there to be volitilty in price as higher levels are reached and then some price retraction before even higher prices are reached, starting Gold Independence Day, July 4th, 2019 and beyond. 

Step 1:  Contact by email and include your phone#.  We will call you back ASAP.  You can also call Lloyd at +1(707) 702-2501.  We will discuss the best way to get your funds to us, which can include:

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Karatbars Mastercard Direct Transfer
  • Interac e-Transfer (Canada only)
  • Direct Deposit (Canada only)
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (see below)

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KBC Altcoin SELL Request

Sell Your KBC the Right Way to Get the Best Price.

Karatbars is all about helping you acquire and hold gold, 

...however if wishing to SELL your KBC and exchange it for cash (Fiat), call (707) 702-2501 or email  (Cost approximately 5%).  You will need your own e-wallet that allows you to hold your funds or attach your bank or Paypal account in order to withdraw your funds. 

  1. Register your sale request below;
  2. Withdraw your KBC by sending them to The Karat Group exchange address below:


Once your KBC are sold the funds will be deposited to your e-wallet of choice.  Here are the two e-wallet options (you will require one of these to accept your funds):


You Must Create a New Account For Each Purchase or Sale.